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Tired of multiple bills and dealing with expensive business plans for your phones?

VOIP is your solution.

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VOIP encapsulates your phones traffic into data. This allows you to consolidate your phone and Internet bills, while lowering cost from 20%-30%. It is a win-win situation. All you need is a reliable Internet Service Provider.

VOIP phone systems permit voicemail, conference calls and call transfer, just like a legacy phone system would. Most of these features are additional costs when using a traditional phone system but is included with a VOIP solution.

VOIP integrates seamlessly with email, chat, and video.

VOIP phones can be hardware phones, like what you normally see on a desk. Or, if provisioned, you can use soft-phones, these are software-based connections. This permits you to make business calls from your computer or mobile device, using your business number, from anywhere in the world and the call receiver would never know the difference.

How does VOIP work?

By reducing circuit-switched networks for a separate phone system, you reduce your cables, phone network infrastructure and maintenance costs. VOIP allows both you phone and computer to run off your existing data network cables, no need to run new cables in most cases.

Due to the switch to resilient IP based communication, there is a fast fail-over following any outages and simultaneous, redundant connections. This benefits you since there is always the best possible communication signal at all times.

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